Angry Cecil: Revenge of Lion App Reviews

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A lions story :) warning: sad and happy

A female lion scanned the jungle with her mate Max and her cub Tyrone. Then, Max heard a gunshot. He picked up the cub and tossed it to the mother Nala. “What’s going on?” Nala said in fright. “Hunters” Max said. Nala ran with the cub in her mouth and hid him behind a rock. Then, Nala dashed toward Max and Max said “STAY WITH THE CUB” Max licked Nala’s neck. Nala trotted away Sadly because she wanted to help. Nala stayed with Tyrone as Max crouched through the grass without being spotted. Max snuck up behind one of the hunters and grabbed him and tackled him. A hunter saw Max and the hunter shot Max. Nala and Tyrone were watching.... Nala burst into tears. Tyrone was sobbing. The hunters grabbed Max and put him in the trailer. They put him in a animal cage and drove him to the store. When Max died, Nala and Tyrone ran off and followed the truck to the shop. Nala overheard the hunters talking and they said “make it into a rug” and on other said “we will be rich and famous!” The hunters laughed and walked away. Nala and Tyrone sneaked into the shop. Luckily nobody was in there. They found Max’s dead body lying on the hard ground. Nala licked Max’s face and there was no response from Max. Later on, they found out that he was dead. So they went home. A few Years later, Nala found a new mate named Simback. Tyrone was a teenager and he found is first girlfriend. Her name was sarabie. They were all happy together The end 😋😋

Why this game is bad

First the blood is fake as trumps hair Also the game is the worst in graphics Also trophy hunting is awesome!!!

Loved it... Then....

First off, I just have to say that the lions are absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!! But on the other hand, why are there only 18 levels? I wanted to play more but what happened...? Third, I didn't really like the fact that you were defeating people I would have liked it to be saving the cub in the process of AVOIDING the soldiers! Not hurting them. Other than that, it was a pretty good game.

Master Piece

God tier game! Fantastic game!!!!!!!

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